• We don't ask our patients to write us testimonials and we respect patient confidentiality by not naming our patients. However these are some of the things that our patients have said about us.

  • "I wouldn't be walking today without you. You were very strict but I needed that"

      - Car crash victim

  • "After all the isokinetic strength work I definitely had more power in the lineout"

      - Rugby international

  • "Thank you for straightening me out over last several months. I am delighted and entirely in awe of your expertise, wonderful skill and fantastic setup"

      - Shoulder patient

Consultation Fees and Reimbursement

Can I claim for physiotherapy treatment against my medical insurance?
All major insurance companies and employee schemes reimburse for physiotherapy carried out by a Chartered Physiotherapist. Any expenditure not reimbursed can be claimed at the appropriate rate of tax from the Revenue Commissioners using form Med 1. Read further details of individual insurance schemes.

What are your consultation fees?
Our fees cover a range of services from a standard consultation to multijoint isokinetic assessment. View a full list of our consultation fees. And considering that medical charges have continued to rise despite the recession it is good to know that we have kept our fees unchanged for the last 20 months, i.e. since early 2008.

The Shannonside Clinic in the Media

The Shannonside Clinic has been sponsoring the Clare People 10k every year since its inception. We organise a team of volunteer Chartered Physiotherapists who provide a pre and post race stretch, massage and injury advice programme. In addition we provide an advice column on common problems such as footwear choice and warmup in the weeks prior to the race.

As leaders in the field of musculoskeletal medicine we’ve been providing advice to the public for many years. Our range of public education services range from presentations on arthritis, sports injury management , exercise prescription and urinary incontinence. We have also published a large number of articles in local and regional press on topics of interest ranging from low back pain to ankle sprains. See below to access this information.

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