About Physiotherapy

Are physiotherapy and physical therapy the same?

The answer is yes and no. In Ireland, the UK and Australia we are known as physiotherapists, but in America and other countries we are known as physical therapists.

However unlike these countries Ireland does not legally protect these professional titles. Beware someone calling themselves a physical therapist in Ireland! They may very well be legally prevented from using this title anywhere else in the world. You should check their professional bona fides. In fact there have been cases of so called physical therapists from Ireland who have attempted to pass off their qualifications in the US and who have had their state licences revoked when it was discovered that their qualifications and training were inadequate.

On the other hand when I worked in the United States my education and training as a Chartered Physiotherapist qualified me to be granted a licence to call myself a Physical Therapist and would continue to do so were I return to work there today.