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Patient Referrals

In Ireland Chartered Physiotherapists can accept direct referrals from patients. Your GP or consultant may refer you for physiotherapy however. If you have a referral letter, MRI report, X ray or other relevent documentation please bring this with you for your initial appointment. If we need further information we can contact your medical advisors directly.

Learn more about your first appointment

After your first appointment you should have a good understanding of what your medical condition is, how long it will take to resolve and how much treatment you will need. You will probably have some active treatment, such as exercise therapy, joint mobilisations, strapping etc, on your first appointment, as well as advice on activity modification. However in some complex conditions the initial appointment may be completely taken up with assessment.

Patients often ask what to wear for their first appointment. A comfortable loose tracksuit and top is the most practical as you will not need to remove these completely. For hip or groin problems a loose pair of shorts is advisable. Tight jeans, skirts, dresses and tights generally have to be removed for examination.