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Other Services

We also offer a number of additional services, detailed below

Biomechanical Assessment and Orthotics

Malalignment of the feet and lower legs can cause significant pain and problems. After assessment of the biomechanics of the bones of the feet and lower leg we advise on the best form of biomechanical correction. In most cases an over the counter device will suffice.

When indicated we cast and fit a custom made device, specifically manufactured to the requirements of the individual foot. Choice of appropriate footwear is also important and varies from individual to individual. We guide our patients in the choice of footwear that is most suitable to them and show them how to identify good and bad footwear when purchasing shoes.

Core Stability Testing and Training

Good control of the core muscles of the trunk and neck is important for spinal health. We carry out assessments of the activity patterns of these muscles using pressure biofeedback, and prescribe a progressive exercise programme depending on the pattern of weakness detected.

Medicolegal Report Writing And Expert Witness

Clinic Director, Emilie McGrath has undergone expert witness and medicolegal report writing specialist training. All the team members of the Shannonside Clinic are proficient in the provision of concise and professional medicolegal reports and prepare them on a regular basis for clients. An indication of the quality of our reports is that we are rarely called to defend them.

Orthopaedic Rehabilitation After Surgery

Often the rehabilitation after such surgeries as anterior cruciate replacement, rotator cuff repair and knee and hip replacement is as important as the surgery itself. Our protocols are based on the most recent research and best practice guidelines to ensure rapid and safe recovery of normal function, whether it be walking the dog or running a marathon.

Visiting Chiropodist

We have a visiting chiropodist who holds a clinic on Tuesday mornings. Please call Cathy McGeeney at (087) 953 5482 for an appointment.